Karen Greenoe

When I'm not building my empire, you can find me having dance parties in my living room with my hubs and kiddos while singing loudly (and probably badly) to my favorite Jimmy Buffett tunes.

You can always spot me in my colorful Lilly Pulitzer garb (seriously, they know be by name at the LP store! Yikes!) and chatting with friends and strangers alike! I love lending a listening ear and a helpful hand. Let's be friends!

Hi! I'm Karen! Its so good to meet you! I'm a wife, momma to two sweet little girls and an entrepreneur, in that order! My husband George and my two little girls, Giles and Mills, are my whole world. They are the reason I do what I do!

A decade ago, I founded Lily Greenthumb's Floral Design in the worst economy this country's seen in a generation. I dove into the crazy world of event flowers and swimming was the only option!

Over the past ten years owning my own business, I've made every mistake in the book and I've learned from each one. Let me share what I've learned with you to make your journey just a little bit easier! There is no need to be burnt out, stressed out and overwhelmed by the business you've created! Let me help!

About Karen Greenoe

Karen Greenoe